Chip manager

The chip manager is a rather technical program to reset the entire EEPROM to the RFzero default values, setup of some of the station data, disable the I2C user bus, dump the EEPROM data, dump the EEPROM in Intel hex format, erase the EEPROM, list the fuses and serial number.

The chip manager is used through the USB port and there is no display used.


The chip manager has a main menu and a number of sub menus. To navigate the menus enter the relevant letter or enter the MMI command. Menu letters can be entered in both lower and upper case. Commands must, like always, be entered in lower case, just like the MMI commands in the other programs.

To return to the main menu enter “Z”.

Main menu

  • A: all below and check EEPROM
  • B: reset hardware
  • C: reset GPS
  • D: reset filters
  • E: reset common
  • F: reset beacon
  • G: reset WSPR transmitter
  • H: reset QO-100
  • I: reset GPSDO
  • J: reset frequency counter
  • K: reset multi LO
  • L: reset signal generator
  • M: reset VFO
  • S: station data menu
  • T: technical menu
  • W: I2C/Wire menu

Station menu

  • rd cfg
    to list name, call and locator
  • wr name NAME
    to set the station NAME, max 20 characters
  • wr call CALL
    to set the CALL, max 15 characters
  • wr loc LOCATOR
    to set the LOCATOR, max eight characters
  • Z: back to main menu

Technical menu

  • A: show the reference start frequency
  • B: dump EEPROM to USB
  • C: dump EEPROM in Intel hex format to USB
  • D: erase EEPROM
  • E: show NVM fuses
  • F: show MCU serial number
  • G: dump Si5351A registers
  • H: set EEPROM type ID to 24LC08B and H/W to v.1.x
  • I: set EEPROM type ID to M24128 and H/W to v.2.x
  • rd byte ADDR
    to read a byte value
  • rd int ADDR
    to read an unsigned integer value
  • wr byte ADDR VALUE
    to write a byte value
  • wr int ADDR VALUE
    to write an unsigned integer value
  • rd reg REG
    to read an Si5351A register
  • wr reg REG VALUE
    to write a value to a Si5351A register
  • wr pin PIN HILO
    to set pin A0-A5 or D0-D21 high/low where 0: low and 1: high

where ADDR is the EEPROM address in decimal and VALUE may be in decimal or hex (0x…), and REG is the Si5351A register in decimal and the VALUE may be in decimal or hex (0x…).

  • Z: back to main menu

I2C/Wire menu

  • A: disable I2C user bus
  • C: scan I2C local bus
  • Z: back to main menu