Getting started

Congratulations with your new RFzero. Whether your RFzero has been preloaded with a program of your own choice or not, you may want to add some LEDs, a display and you may want to interact with your RFzero. The Getting Started section can assist you in this process.

Hardware installation

On the hardware (H/W) installation page you can see how to add jumpers and headers, LEDs, display, GPS back-up and more.

Software installation

On the software (S/W) installation page you can see how to install the Atmel SAMD library and RFzero library in the Arduino IDE. Both are needed if you want to work with the source code in the programs or write your own programs for the RFzero.

You may also install the RFzero Manager program either, as an addition to installing the Arduino IDE and libraries, or to skip using the Arduino IDE, if all you want to do is to use the standard programs written by others including the RFzero team.


If you are having problem with the S/W installation please see the troubleshooting page.