Driver installation

If you have not installed the Arduino IDE and SAMD library or the RFzero Manger including drivers, then your RFzero will not be identified as an “Arduino Zero (COM#)”, but as a generic “USB Serial Device (COM#)” in the Windows Device Manager. Even so the RFzero will be working just fine. But finding out which COM port the RFzero is connected to may not be trivial, and you may have to connect and disconnect it while watching the Device Manager to see which COM port the RFzero uses.

Even so you may still communication with your RFzero, if a program that uses the USB has been installed, using a terminal program like the Arduino IDE Serial Monitor, Termite (Windows), CuteCom (Linux) and Terminal (Mac OS) terminal programs.

How things are on Linux or Mac OSes have to be clarified. But it is probably more or less the same if no driver has been installed either manually, as described below or via the Arduino IDE installation.

Step 1

Open the Device Manager, e.g. from right clicking the Windows Start menu. Then right click on the RFzero COM port in the Device Manager and select “Update driver”, i.e. menu point number one from the top.

In the above example the RFzero is connected to COM4 but it could be any other number. If the driver had already been installed the RFzero would have shown up as an “Arduino Zero (COM4)” instead.

Step 2

Next step is to tell Windows how you want to search for the drivers. Do this by clicking “Browse my computer for driver software”, i.e. the second option in the Update Drivers – USB Serial Device (COM#) screen.

Step 3

Next step is to manually browse to the folder where you have unzipped the drivers to. Do this by clicking the [Browse] button.

Step 4

Download the drivers.

Step 5

Now browse to the folder where you have unzipped the drivers to. In the below example this is in the default Download directory but it could be in another directory.

Step 6

The driver update has now been completed.

Step 6

Now you may verify the driver installation in the Device Manager. Yes! The RFzero now shows as “Arduino Zero (COM4)” and you are ready to use the RFzero Manager.

You may now delete the folder in Step 4 since Windows has copied the necessary files to its own driver place.