WSPR hash collision

When sending WSPR type 3 messages, i.e. a message with a six character locator e.g. JO65FR, the call sign is hashed. This means that instead of sending the call sign a 15 bits hash code is sent. But the hash code is not unique to the specific call sign but “shared” with some other call signs. In such cases hash collision can happen if transmitting stations, that share the same hash code, are decoded by other stations irrespective of only one of the transmitting stations is sending a type 3 message. Therefore, WSPR type 3 messages should never be used for fixed stations. A much better way to tell the world about the locator is to update the WSPRnet database.

A call signs must have 3-10 characters and it must be ITU compliant. Add-on prefixes can be up to three alphanumeric characters, add-on suffixes can be a single letter or one or two digits. WSPR permits either an add-on prefix or an add-on suffix but not both, i.e. calls like OZ0RF (3245), OZ0RF/P (26800), OH0/OZ0RF (25748) are all OK but OH0/OZ0RF/P is not.

Your own call sign :
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